Over $15,000 in Bonus, Instant, and Incentive Grants will be awarded during the 2017 Challenge! This is in addtion to the Great Fish Match!

►Each week there will be a different INCENTIVE GRANT offered to encourage giving. The INCENTIVE GRANT will be announced on the Wednesday of the week prior to the start of the incentive program.

  • The criteria to win the INCENTIVE GRANT will be annouced  in the Whitefish Pilot with the Great Fish Challlenge count down. It will also be posted on FaceBook and included in the weekly E-Newsletter. Sign-up here
  • Each INCENTIVE GRANT will be $500  unless noted differently. The INCENTIVE GRANT period will run Monday to Sunday each week except when noted differently.
  • The nonprofit winner of each INCENTIVE GRANT will be notified and announced in the following week's newsblasts. 
  • The first incentive grant program will be announced on July 12th in the Whitefish Pilot. Additional incentive programs will be announced each week through the end of the campaign.  

On September 9, the Great Fish Color Run and Community Celebration will be held at Whitefish Depot Park. Over $2,000 of incentive grants will be awarded at the event.  Nonprofits should encourage donors to attend the celebration and run and stop by the Great Fish Donation booth to make a donation. Donors at the event will be entered for a chance to earn an additional $25, $50 or even $100 added to their gifts benefitting their selected nonprofits. 

►Jingle Contest: A $1,000 Grant will be awarded to the nonprofit that submits the best jingle. View complete rules for entry: Jingle Contest Rules Submissions are due no later than August 21 by 5 PM. Jingle Entry Form

►At the end of the Challenge, three grants based on points will be awarded.  Nonprofits will have the opportunity to earn points throughout the Challenge toward a bonus grant.  First place will receive $1,000, second place will receive $750 and third place will receive $500. Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • 10 Points for being a Committee Chair or Sub Chair 
  • 5 points for serving on a committee and attending committee meetings 
  • 1 point for every volunteer working on behalf of your organization
  • 1 point for every runner/walker – naming your organization on their registration form

A $5,000 Grant will be awarded to the nonprofit selected to receive the GREAT FISH AWARD. This annual award represents a nonprofit that exhibits outstanding Great Fish Participation in all areas of the Challenge. It is selected each year by the Whitefish Community Foundation Board of Directors.