Information for Nonprofits

Your Fund with the Community Foundation: Each nonprofit will have its own fund with the Foundation and 24/7 online access to that fund.  Nonprofits can access the online portal by clicking here.  Once logged in, nonprofits will be able to monitor donations throughout the campaign and write personal thank you notes to donors. Do not send a tax receipt. The Whitefish Community Foundation receives all donations and will send tax receipts. 

Use of Funds and Mission Statement: The Use of Funds and Mission Statement for each participating organization will be printed in the donor brochure and larger, Use of Funds brochure

Rules and Procedures: Read the Rules and Procedures 2017 for important information about acceptable donations and marketing the Great Fish Community Challenge to benefit your organization.

2017 Great Fish Challenge FAQs

Eligible vs. Ineligible Donations: First, and MOST IMPORTANT:  Every donation must have an official donor form.  Whitefish Community Foundation cannot accept donations without one because it is the responsibility of the Foundation to send a tax receipt to each donor.  **IMPORTANT** The official donation form may not be reproduced. Rules and Procedures 2017

Eligible: Checks written to the Whitefish Community Foundation and accompanied by the official donor form and online credit card donations made through the donation portal hosted by the Whitefish Community Foundation.

Ineligible: Tuition payments, pledges, tickets for wine dinner, silent auction proceeds, grant money, bake sale proceeds, donations made outside of Challenge period, cash, admission fees and checks written at other charity events. Holding charity events to raise money for the Great Fish Challenge is prohibited.


Downloadable official brochure here. Sending brochures is not necessary, but if you would like to send to your mailing list you may do so. WFCF-Great Fish full donationbrochure.web


Downloadable postcards here. Sending a postcard is not necessary, but if you would like to send to your mailing list you may do so. GreatFish2017_LrgPostcard     GreatFish2017_Small_postcard


The Great Fish Community Challenge logo is available for download and can be accessed here. Nonprofits should promote their participation in the Challenge through their usual marketing efforts, and encourage supporters to donate during the campaign. Use social media to promote your participation and include the Great Fish Community Challenge in your email communication, along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please use direct mail thoughtfully, as there will likely be overlap among the nonprofit mailing lists (including the Community Foundation's own list). Do not use purchased mailing lists or box-holder mailings.


Please enter the Jingle Competition by filling out and returning the Entry Form after reading over the Official Rules.