The Great Fish Community Challenge is a Whitefish Community Foundation annual charitable giving campaign designed to maximize your donations to 40 participating charities. The 2017 giving period is scheduled for July 20 running through September 15.

With a single gift made through the Whitefish Community Foundation, donors contribute to any number of local charities that have been selected to participate in the Great Fish Community Challenge.  The nonprofits receive 100% of the designated gifts. 

How are donations maximized?  At the end of the giving period, the Community Foundation will award an additional percentage match to participating nonprofits from its own Great Fish Fund, which starts this year at $200,000.  The Match percentage will vary annually (See How it works). Your gifts will make an even greater impact when combined with the additional matching grant.

The Great Fish Community Challenge will benefit nonprofits by promoting mission awareness and inspiring significant community participation.   Participation in the Challenge is free for nonprofits. The Whitefish Community Foundation will cover all transaction and administrative fees.  The campaign will culminate with a celebratory Community Fair and Fish 5/10K Fun Run in Depot Park on September 10.

In its first year, 2015, the Great Fish Challenge raised over $1.1 M for 32 local nonprofits. Click here to see the grants awarded to 32 Local Nonprofits. Local nonprofit organizations, both large and small, benefit from the increased awareness for their mission.  Many of these groups are run entirely by volunteers and do not have the means to reach the public in a significant way. Participation in the Challenge fosters community-wide support and participation.

Celebrate philanthropy and inspire others to give by making a gift through The Great Fish Community Challenge.