the variable z is inversely proportional to x. When x is 16, z has the value 1.125. What is the value of z when x = 24

Accepted Solution

Answer:Z=0.75 Step-by-step explanation:Given Z is inversely proportional to X.  First we’ll define what an inverse proportion is. Inverse proportion is a relationship between two quantities such that if one quantity increases the other decreases. Symbolically the relationship between Z and X can be defines as Z ∝  1/X When the proportionality symbol is removed a constant is introduced. Z=  K/X As we Know,  X=16 Z=1.125 We can find the value of K by using the values of Z and X Putting in the values 1.125=K/16 K=1.125*16 K=18 Now, For X=24 Z=  18/24 Z=0.75